Who We Are

At OIsource, we understand the critical importance of innovation and especially breakthrough innovation for all businesses and for society as a whole. We challenged ourselves to discover a process that could help advance innovative thinking in corporate teams. We used our experience from years of research within the fields of neuroscience, physics and philosophy, as well as from the methods of ideation, meditation and stoicism. Based on this broad knowledge base we were able to derive a new paradigm on how innovative thinking occurs that we call the Mind Model. From the Mind Model we were able to create the ITP, which stands for Innovative Thinking Process. The ITP is a step-by-step process that uses thought experiments to originate, interconnect and validate new ideas. We use the ITP to teach corporate teams the skills needed for high-level innovative thinking.

A new paradigm on the complexity of how the mind functions along with how thought experiments are used is provided in the Mind Model video below. Participating corporate teams will be shown this video to lay the foundation for the ITP training.