ITP Courses

"In weak companies politics win. In strong companies best ideas do." - Steve Jobs

The ITP (Innovative Thinking Process) is the complete opposite of the interaction within group ideation sessions you may be used too. Traditionally, ideation sessions have been used to ‘group think’ new ideas. But the ITP allows the individual to instead, focus on the essence and development of an idea in isolation and without distraction. Here is an article documenting why thinking in isolation is the most productive form of thinking: https://​www.​​melissa-schilling​/the-​science-of-why​-brainstorming-in-groups-​doesnt-work.html?​cid=hmside4. Even Nicola Tesla understood this in his time when he pointed out: "Originality thrives in seclusion, free of outside influences..." After going through the ITP, you will have a thorough understanding of the validity and relevance of your ideas. Then at that point, the group ideation session can become more productive and impactful for all parties involved.

Course Training Overview

ITP level one is comprised of written statements, questions and answers. In that sense this course is purposefully recognizable and is a practical application of functions everyone is used to doing. Yet its specific format will give you a new experience that will challenge you to think differently. This skill will empower you to discover your potential of being a high-level innovative thinker. An additional one hour of Q&A discussion follow-up is included.

ITP level two is for the hard-core creatives who want to further amplify their ability to innovate. It will present a new paradigm on the mind, your mind, called the Mind Model. This course will take a deep dive into how to use those new concepts within the ITP exercise. It can yield a path to find out if you are one of those rare individuals that ultimately has the ability to master these skills and become a breakthrough innovator. You can find the complete documentation of the Mind Model on this site to help you get started. But the only place you can learn how to apply this paradigm is in this course. An additional one hour of Q&A discussion follow-up is included.

ITP level three is for individuals on their way to becoming breakthrough innovators. It is a process of the mind constantly re-wiring the brain for this outcome. Very few individuals from birth have naturally wired brains with in-sync minds that constantly pressure that individual to fulfill their destiny of becoming breakthrough innovators; like Nicola Tesla and Steve Jobs. Many individuals have brains and minds with immense potential but are not pre-set for breakthrough innovation. These individuals therefore have many life outcome options open to them in many fields for incremental innovation. But personal attributes of perseverance and drive to constantly push their minds can lead those individuals to also become breakthrough innovators; like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. But as both types of innovators, natural and Self-determined, increase their cognitive ability they are also simultaneously increasing the intensity and ability of Intuition and Emotion to influence them. These independent mind components have their own agenda and can overwhelm the individual’s Self-control. Consequently, this course is an interactive discussion with the participating individuals for them to understand why this paradigm exists and how it can be controlled though the ITP. That is what Friedrich Nietzsche meant when he said: "If you know the why, you can live any how."

Anton Krutz presents each course, which can be structured to any size team. Hourly consulting is also available on an individual basis. Please inquire for pricing.

Deeper Dive Into The Role Of Breakthrough Innovators In Society

Collectively, Breakthrough Innovators are the main catalysts that move society forward. The reason they have this ability is because they have developed their intuition. Like Einstein noted: "The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap of consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you…."

But Breakthrough Innovators are a tiny fraction of the human population. Here is the breakdown of all three human categories:

  1. Breakthrough Innovators – Under one percent.
  2. Facilitators of Breakthrough Innovators – Under ten percent.
  3. Providers of products and services – Everyone else.

The Facilitators are part incremental innovator and part Provider. They include everyone within the financial ecosystem as well. There can be immense professional success and compensation attained within the Facilitator and Provider categories. But in the end, those humans exist to empower the Breakthrough Innovator.

Breakthrough Innovators are also the only ones with a strong enough intuitive drive to have the confidence and determination to push/pull their own companies through all the future gut wrenching processes of creative destruction. This is necessary because in order for a company to be sustainable it must continually destroy its current products/services and creatively replace them with new ones. Without the leadership of Breakthrough Innovators, companies will succumb to the reactive desire of extending the life cycle revenue of their current products/services. This is because the compensation structure, of all the second and third category humans involved, was built around the current products/services. Therefore, without the leadership of Breakthrough Innovators to cut through the entrenched resistance, the company will eventually collapse.