Complex organization exists at all levels of the physical phenomena, from the quantum to the multiverse. A complex organization can only exist if structured processes and a calculated purpose were used to create it. Therefore a Unified Field Theory can only be created if its model is based in structured processes and calculated purpose.

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Unified Field Theory – Krutz model

The Structured Processes and Calculated Purpose

of the Quantum to the Multiverse

“The great difficulty is in trying to imagine something that you have never seen, that is consistent in every detail with what has already been seen, and that is different from what has been thought of”. – Richard Feynman

The following model is the conceptually coherent hypothetical UFT that is different than anything else that has been thought of before and is not contradicted by hard evidence. It is written using current terms with the future terms available for later use when they become more applicable. The two sections are Structured Processes and Calculated Purpose. The Process section is a phenomenological description of our physical reality. (This description is continually being translated into current academic terminology so that it can become a shared language among physicists). The Purpose section is a philosophical description of our cognitive reality. (This section, once understood, will hyper-drive the advancement of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technology).

Essentially, this UFT is a new map to a new territory no one has ever visualized before. It is the first groundwork that interconnects our physical and cognitive reality as a process. It is breakthrough information, with concepts that are sourced decades, centuries and Millenia ahead of their time.

Structured Processes

Current Terms                 Future Terms

CWEP                                     Binary Consciousness

Proton                                     Positive Atom Particle

Electron                                   Negative Atom Particle

Neutron                                   Equilibrium Atom Particle

Neutrino                                  Positive Photon

Photon                                     Negative Photon

Boson                                      Equilibrium Photon

Virtual Photons                       Micro (positive, negative, equilibrium) Photons

Compression Wave Energy Plane (CWEP)

We define a finite, two-dimensional, non-Euclidean energy plane, which is a medium for the propagation of acoustical-type modes of oscillation. The so-called compression wave energy plane (CWEP) is defined as


where  and  define spatial coordinates in the th CWEP and each CWEP contains quantized continuous energy states given by . The model stipulates that the CWEP form the foundational building blocks for all matter in this cosmos and the rest of the multiverse. The sign convention, positive or negative, attributed to a CWEP is defined by the direction of the infinite vibration waves and their directional oscillation. Therefore, we must then define a disturbance in  by  which will describe the corresponding vibration’s coordinates in the energy plane. The resulting sign of the CWEP is then given the sign of the velocity of  which can be found using non-Euclidian dynamics.

Properties and Mechanics
CWEP is fused information, is intelligent and therefore has different levels of energy and oscillations. But in their free, uncompressed, unfolded and unrestricted state, all have no mass and move through each other with no interaction. (This state was labeled as the “field” by Einstein and explains his statement: “There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality”). The most important properties come from self-interaction and interactions with other CWEPs. The CWEPs possesses the ability to fold upon itself thus restricting its vibration and increasing the amplitude of the oscillations. (This is a fractal/microcosm of a protein folding process. The self-assembling instructions for which are encoded in the CWEP).

As the CWEP folds, into a Fibonacci spiral, the corresponding shift in energy of the system changes the state of the CWEP by manifesting the first level of measurable mass. The CWEP will then roll upon itself creating an infinite inner spiral structure.


Figure 1. Geometric rendition of CWEP folds in a Fibonacci spiral cross-section.

The folding and rolling action starts the restriction of the CWEP energy and oscillations. But the repulsion of the forward momentum energy and oscillations against itself in the new configuration is what significantly increases level of CWEP restriction. (With every consecutive fold and roll, the internal repulsion with the CWEP layers increase; thereby separating the layers from each other and not letting them become combined).  

The resultant form of the rolled CWEP has finite outer boundaries and a view from the “side” is of the form of an elliptically-shaped Fibonacci spiral, similar to the three-dimensional Dirac delta function. There is a finite magnitude of CWEP in each spiral with a finite volume when considering integration over volume of the final CWEP structure. The three-dimensional structure resulting from the rolling of the CWEP will be hereafter labeled as a brane. At this stage in the formation of matter, volume has become manifest as conceptual reality.


Figure 2. Geometric rendition of a CWEP folds in a Fibonacci spiral fundamental brane.

Subsequently, the branes themselves superimpose into an ellipsoid-like shape with small gaps for photons to exit and enter the structure (described below). The superposition of same directional oscillating branes increases the restriction of each brane in superposition, thereby manifesting mass. At this stage in the formation of matter, density has become manifest as a conceptual reality. 

Every particle will be composed of the superposition of sixteen branes. The level of energy/oscillation of the original CWEP that form the branes determines the size of the particle. Smaller particles are configured from lower energy/oscillation branes and larger particles are configured from higher energy/oscillation branes. The complete 16-brane particle now attains measurable volume and density.

Figure 3. Geometric rendition of a fundamental particle where the cross-section of the spiral branes is shown.

The directional oscillation of the 16 branes combine to form and intrinsic spin for the particle. Positive particles have 16 branes with the same directional oscillation and therefore have the same directional oscillation. Negative particles have 16 branes with the opposite (from the positive) directional intrinsic momentum and therefore have the opposite directional intrinsic spin. Bosons are particles with 8 positive and 8 negative branes (layered in opposite directions) toggle back and forth for their directional intrinsic spin. (This answers the question of Sheldon Glashow, Nobel Laureate in physics, of: “Why are all protons, all electrons identical?....A particle is a manifestation of a field….a mathematical object….We want to know why, how, and where did these elements acquire mass? I don’t know.”)

As with vortices, opposite oscillation/spin particles attract and same oscillation/spin particles repel. Particles with both negative and positive branes, attract and repel equally, leaving them at equilibrium – a state of mutual restraint.

Quarks are positive particles that come under increased restriction (which manifest as increased mass and density) as they are bound together and bound under repulsion within a proton.

A neutron is a proton with an electron spinning inside between the quarks. The attraction between the quarks and the electron is measured as the weak force. This results in the neutron being in an equilibrium state.

All photons, neutrinos and bosons move because they have their own propulsion of same spin virtual photons. (The action of particle forward movement is not gratuitous). Virtual photon waves are an act of conservation for the photon or neutrino to be able to move at constant speed.

An electron is made of negative branes and is unbound. Electrons move because they emit their own propulsion of bosons. These bosons move forward in a wave, spinning formation. One electron emits the boson and another electron takes it in. This is a closed system. This exchange of bosons is also an act of distributing information from one electron to another and is what allows matter to evolve to higher states of complexity. Collectively the boson wave is measured as the electric field signal. The virtual photons of the bosons are measured as magnetic field lines.

The quarks also emit propulsion of bosons. (Same bosons as the electron emits). These bosons move forward in an aligned, compact, non-wave, no-spin formation. These bosons move forward because they emit their own propulsion of correlating virtual bosons.

Strong Force and Gravity

The quark boson formation moves from each of the 16 branes of each quark, eventually moving around all the quarks and is understood as the bag model of quark confinement. This formation binds the protons and neutrons together and is measured as the strong force.

Figure 3. Geometric rendition of bound quarks cross-section.

This same boson formation continues to move outward from all the protons and neutrons, joining together in a concentrated vortex formation around the nucleus. These vortex formations from different nuclei attract each other. This is measured as gravity. So gravity is an interrelated but distinct condition from mass.

[Recap: The bosons are emitted from quarks. They move into a binding (i.e. strong force) formation, then move into a vortex (i.e. gravity) formation, and then move back to the binding strong force formation, then are taken back in by the quarks themselves. This is a closed system.]

Attraction between the concentrated vortices results in the vortices becoming more restricted. This process of increasing attraction causes the vortices to compress upon and restrict the nuclei inside it with greater force. This increases mass of the nuclei inside.

Electron Orbit

All electrons orbit the nucleus in one plane (like moons). But the atom itself is also spinning. So the one plane orbit of the negative atom particle and the spinning atom combine to make what is measured as a spherical orbital shell.

A high-energy electron has a stronger propulsion, with a narrower wave along with stronger attraction to the proton and therefore orbits closer to the nucleus. The low energy electron has weaker propulsion, with a wider wave along with weaker attraction to the proton and therefore orbits further from the nucleus. So the most stable lowest energy electrons in the outermost orbit are the ones that compose the stable size of the atoms and make stable covalent electrons.  
The electron propulsion of wave/spin bosons formation is a Lorentz force repulsion against the aligned, no-spin boson vortex formation around the nucleus. This repulsion counters the electron-proton attraction. Electron orbit velocity by itself is not enough to counter the electron-proton attraction.


Alongside the non-restricted movement of CWEP within the field, there is also a movement of a Soliton CWEP (SCWEP) that moves in a consistent mechanical structured wave. So each ‘intelligent’ CWEP within the field has a ‘mechanical’ SCWEP attached to it as a stratum. Through torque, the SCWEP regulates the CWEP to also have a consistently oscillating wave and is understood as Imaginary Time of Hawking.

When the CWEP fold and roll into the branes, the SCWEP breaks of from each one of the 16 branes of each particle. Within an atom the SCWEP combines from each proton, neutron and electron and then leaves the atom as a measurable concentrated unified spiral SCWEP. This spiral SCWEP becomes the dynamic space-time, the fifth fundamental force. 

SCWEP/space-time is currently understood to be a different construct from the newly discovered and measured gravitational waves. But they are one and the same. SCWEP/Space-time is a dynamic repulsion force pushing onto matter. A medium of resistance, as it were, for matter moving through it and by it.

SCWEP/space-time surrounds each atom around its outer electron orbital shell like a ‘SCWEP/space-time membrane’ for an atom. So not only is the atom producing/emanating SCWEP/space-time, but the formed 'SCWEP/space-time membrane’ around each atom is simultaneously acting like a protective barrier preventing other SCWEP/space-time from pushing inside to its nucleus, past its orbital shell.
That is why a free proton can weigh more than it would when it’s inside an atomic nucleus. The SCWEP/space-time membrane outside the atom prevents other SCWEP/space-time from pushing in to surround and compress the nucleus. While the free proton is being pushed on, surrounded and compressed by SCWEP/space-time. (In the UFT model, as particles get compressed/restricted they gain in mass. Therefore gravity, acceleration, and space-time can compress particles and make them gain in mass).

The SCWEP/space-time emanating from matter within the cosmos is like the cosmos matrix refreshing (Planck’s constant) with New Information every structured bit-instant interval. [Note: The human eye cannot perceive an image or non-image that is flashed for less than a thousandth of a second. So all change faster than that is perceived as fluid and continuous.] That is why atomic clocks work at different speeds depending on the gravity and velocity affecting them. (So Einstein correctly noted that: “Time is an illusion”.)

The bigger the mass, the more SCWEP/space-time emanates from it and the more that mass forms hills and valleys in the moving space-time around it. (It explains John Wheeler’s formulation of:  “Space-time tells matter how to move. Matter tells space-time how to curve.”)

[Note: The Earth’s movement within the clusters of solar systems, galaxies and cosmos could be more than 10% the speed of light. So the main cosmological reason life on Earth feels stable is due to the minimal actual resistance of Earth’s movement within the movement of SCWEP/space-time because it surrounds earth (and all other mass objects) like a membrane. This is like an object meeting minimal resistance being spun and moved within an ocean current it is helping shape.]

The greater the gravity or acceleration that is thrust upon an atom, the greater both can restrict that atom. Increasing restriction of the atom slows the vibrational movement or spin of its constituent particles, which then slows the rate at which SCWEP/space-time is emanating from the atom as a whole. In essence, greater gravity and acceleration slows time down for the atom. Hence, the slower time of atomic clocks when they are affected by greater gravity or acceleration. So areas of “greatest-gravity/acceleration” are also areas of “least-time”.

SCWEP/space-time Replaces Non-Existent Dark Matter and Dark Energy Placeholders

On the cosmological level, SCWEP/space-time appears to behave like an aspect of gravity. Because the region between two mass objects has less repulsive

SCWEP/space-time force than there is on the exterior of those two mass objects. Therefore the larger and stronger, amount of SCWEP/space-time force on the outside of the two mass objects is pushing them together more than the smaller and weaker amount of SCWEP/space-time force pushing them apart. That is why objects in space can be light-years apart yet still instantaneously affect each other. In essence, SCWEP/space-time has the effect of functioning like ’repulsion gravity’ on the cosmological level. This effect is currently attributed to the non-existent dark matter placeholder.  

While SCWEP/space-time helps keep solar systems and galaxies together, it is simultaneously pushing all mass objects apart at an accelerated rate. This is currently attributed to the non-existent dark energy placeholder.

Since SCWEP/space-time is constantly being emitted from matter, it collects and is spinning on the ever-expanding external boundary of the outer horizon of the cosmos. This spinning SCWEP/space-time forms a cosmological cell membrane around the outside of the cosmos, like the plasma membrane does around the biological cell. The repulsive torque of that outer horizon SCWEP/space-time movement spins the entire cosmos on the outside as fast as the cosmos is spinning in the center. 

The concentration of the outer horizon SCWEP/space-time membrane will continue increasing for billions of years to come. At some point the concentration of the outer horizon SCWEP/space-time membrane will become strong enough that the very same SCWEP/space-time being emitted from matter inside the cosmos will no longer be able push out the concentrated SCWEP/space-time membrane. At that point, the cosmos will stop its expansion. The concentrated SCWEP/space-time membrane will then hyper compress back onto the matter within the cosmos. This is understood as the big crunch. The outcome will be a new compressed cosmos singularity that is ready to explode out to create the next cosmos cycle.

Big Crunch, Big Bang and the Creation of New CWEP

The mind of biological forms (especially sentient beings) is continually receiving an input of information as a basis for it to choose from. The resulting interactive experiences have the mind continually creating an output of New Information. This New Information is extracted and a duplicate copy of it is saved/stored for use in the next cosmos cycle. There is an understanding in physics that there is a process where information can be duplicated and saved/stored as a two dimensional holographic imprint:​stephen-hawking-just-published​-new-solution-to-the​-black-hole-information​-paradox.

The original New Information, which is extracted, is housed in the spinning outer horizon SCWEP/space-time membrane. This New Information is spun with design and acceleration within the SCWEP/space-time membrane. This action starts connecting the information, which is the beginning of the process to create new CWEP from the New Information.

The SCWEP/space-time membrane spin/movement stops at the instant of the big crunch (explained in previous section). In the big crunch, the extreme compression of matter by the hyper compressing SCWEP/space-time membrane begins the process to form the new cosmos singularity. This compression process achieves three results:

1.    Fuses the connected information spinning within the SCWEP/space-time into new CWEP.

2.    Fuses a part of the SCWEP/space-time membrane onto new CWEP. This gives each new CWEP its own SCWEP.

3.    Fuses the existing 16 CWEP of each particle with the cosmos into a more complex, compact, concentrated single CWEP. Thereby creating higher energy CWEP from16 lower energy CWEP to be used as more complex matter in the next cosmos cycle. 

So the instant the compression process (described above) is complete, is the instant a new external and internal condition exists. The new external condition has a thinner SCWEP/space-time membrane surrounding the new compressed cosmos singularity. The new internal condition has a bigger, more forceful cosmos singularity pushing out.

So in that instant a stronger internal compressed condition is now pushing outward against the weaker external condition. This results in the next instant being the hyperinflation of the big bang, as the compressed cosmos singularity explodes outward. This hyperinflation pushes out the weaker SCWEP/space-time membrane to an enlarged cosmos outer horizon. Next, the matter within the new cosmos starts emitting new CWEP/space-time, which now steadily starts pushing out the weaker SCWEP/space-time membrane. This becomes a new cosmos cycle where the evolution process repeats. So the process of the hyper compression big crunch happens in one instant and the process of the hyperinflation of the big bang happens in the following instant.

Multiverse Overview

There are billions of competing cosmos cells within the multiverse. Each unique cosmos cell is a closed system going through a cosmos cycle with its own physics. Meaning the particles of each cosmos cell can be configured with less or more than the 16 branes. (A macrocosm of how the same process within our system configures each unique snowflake and fingerprint). In turn, the different state of matter causes a unique configuration of mineral, botanical and biological forms. This creates unique interactive experiences and correlating unique New Information based on those experiences.

Calculated Purpose


“I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details.” – Einstein

The nature of an entity being a complex organization means there must be processes involved. The nature of processes means that the actions involved must have a purpose. Consequently, an atomic and cosmological complex organization can only exist because there is a purpose involved. Therefore a purpose must be defined to give physics a new foundation. This foundation begins with the understanding that the mathematical description of the universe is not its intrinsic nature. This understanding of physics illuminates Einstein’s thinking. The “details” quote, refers to the process (and math) within physics. While “God’s thoughts” refers to the purpose behind the process.

Toward the end of his life, Einstein understood that his math and academic accolades was a facade obscuring a much grander vision. He would have given both up just to read the concepts on the purpose of our cosmos written out below.

Purpose of Humans in the Cosmos

“The notion that not only the biopolymer but the operating program of a living cell could be arrived at by chance in a primordial organic soup here on the Earth is evidently nonsense of a high order.” - Fred Hoyle, iconic physicist of the 20th century.

The cosmos system does not exist by chance. The cosmos is a macrocosm of a huge corporation that is made from and interacts with information. Like a corporation, the cosmos has billions of regions called galaxies. Each region has billions of divisions called solar systems. Each division has production centers called planets. Guiding the cosmos is a CEO. Like in all corporations, the absolute main job of the CEO is to allocate resources and look for new growth opportunities. Society has labeled the cosmos CEO as God. In typical hierarchical structure, below the CEO is a leadership team comprised of numerous levels of executives and managers. Society has labeled that cosmos leadership team as angles. Below the leadership team are the workers. Society has labeled those cosmos workers as sentient beings. A corporation exists to produce a diverse product offering. In turn, the cosmos also exists to produce a diverse product offering called New Information. So the business purpose of the cosmos is to continually produce New Information.

Within the cosmos, all sentient life resides in the Milky Way galaxy. But of all the planets in the Milky Way, the botanical and biological life on Earth has the highest level of: challenge, diversity, conflict, competition, and adaptation. In total, Earth has the highest density/intensity level of life (i.e. physical challenges). On Earth, a blade of grass will crack concrete in its push towards the sun. Life is able to exist in the depths of freezing oceans to the depths of volcanic lava. Life on Earth also has the highest density/intensity level of thought/emotion (i.e. cognitive challenges). Humans have the highest level of cognitive aspects, which includes the entire emotional duality spectrum from: rage to tranquility, bonding to rejection, hate to compassion, despair to elation, intolerance to empathy, and failure to success. This immense thought/emotion range gives a human the potential to kill millions of others or to sacrifice themselves for millions of others, and all levels of action in between. In societal terms, humans have the most potential to commit the highest evil to the highest good. Consequently, our immense emotional spectrum gives human interaction the highest potential to produce the most New Information.

New Information that was created in the previous cosmos cycle(s) is input into human minds and perceived as discovered information in the present cosmos cycle. The humans whose physical brain algorithms are wired to receive this information are labeled by society as breakthrough innovators and their discovered information (be it in art, music, technology or science) is labeled as breakthrough innovation. The greatest breakthrough innovators have brains neurologically wired to do this naturally. They can do this by sensing the distinction between the Self, Thoughts, and Intuition. Then co-opting Thoughts and Intuition to source the discovered information. This information is then propagated in society and recombined through random unique experiences in the present cosmos cycle. The humans that recombined the information are labeled as incremental innovators and their incremental innovation is what is actually the New Information produced/created within the present cosmos cycle.

While humans intuitively understand our physical challenges and emotional range as being a burden and a gift, we do not yet rationally understand that our existence and therefore our actions should be for the end goal of creating New Information. To that end is why the main focus of the cosmos CEO in allocating resources (through the cosmos leadership team) is on Earth. The goal is to keep the pendulum swing of human physical and cognitive challenges to not be too much or too little. An overall average level of physical and cognitive challenges facilitates the best potential for humans to produce the most New Information.

Purpose of the Mind

“The conscious that says ‘I am’ is not the conscious that thinks.” - Jean-Paul Sartre  (Analyzing Descartes’s statement “I think therefore I am.”)

The human mind is a completely distinct (not separate) system from the brain. This is because the brain is composed of billions of cells. Each cell does not know or care who the body is and dies every 12 years, to be replaced by a new cell. 

The mind is comprised of collaborating components of:

Microconscious                       (Self  -             entity humans sense themselves to be)

Conscious                                (Soul  -            positive / creative  thoughts)

Subconscious                          (Ego  -             negative / reactive  thoughts)

Mind Consciousness               (Rational -       equilibrium / impartial  thoughts)

The Conscious, Subconscious and Mind Consciousness offer choices to the Microconscious in the form of thoughts. But thoughts always come with emotion and action attached. So Thought-Emotion-Action (TEA) units are available to the Microconscious as choices to select from. Presently, ‘free will’ of a Microconscious is limited to those multiple sources. This until the Microconscious evolves the ability to create its own Original Thought – the highest form of New Information. Evolving this ability is accomplished within a process where the Microconscious uses multiple sources of TEA to attain an experience involving diverse viewpoints and competition – two fundamental conditions required to create Original Thought.

This explains the observation of David Noelle, Professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University: “Our thoughtful decisions, our overt words and deeds appear to be produced automatically, without deliberation…..In the midst of such automatic behaviors, decisions seem to be made for us, enacted by reflexes and learned habits.”

A balanced level of Subconscious TEA is the strongest catalyst in the process to create Original Thought. Also, a balanced level of Subconscious TEA is responsible for humans having the very important trait of skepticism. But a dominant Subconscious TEA leads to what is termed in society as ‘suffering’. An extreme influence of Subconscious TEA leads to what is termed in society as ‘evil’. To achieve a productive society, ‘religious’ cultural immersion has been the external mechanism used to date in guiding the Microconscious to regulate and co-opt the influence of Subconscious TEA.

Purpose of Perception

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”. - Einstein

Classical physics does not take into account the person who is looking and doing the measurements. Classical physics does not have the observer in the same box as the physical universe. Quantum physics was on the edge of this when it resulted in probabilities, but never fully addressed the issue. It is now time to include the perception of the observer. 

Human memory is just bits of information. Short-term memory is stored within the physical brain. The long-term memory is actually saved apart from the physical brain. In a sense, long-term memory is stored in an of-site virtual-drive. Continuing this computer analogy, the parts of the human physical brain are like a biological Motherboard, CPU and RAM. Then the mind, operating the physical brain like an avatar, is like the BIOS, OS and User Input Data. Furthermore, the mind is simultaneously restructuring the physical brain while it is operating it. Then, the faster the mind assimilates information the more it restructures the brain to accommodate that assimilation.

When the mind tries to ‘re-member’ a long-term memory, it is searching for and ‘membering’ with a virtual-drive to access memory-data. The needed information is downloaded into the brain (initializing a measurable physical brain process) and is then perceived as a memory by the Microconscious. This entire process is so fast and fluid that it is perceived to all take place within the brain itself. 

Reality Perception therefore dictates our choices and interaction with the world. So perception is really an ‘act of perception’. In physics terms, this is like an ‘act of measurement’ which forces a particle to assume one particular final condition. So the physics explanation of perception may be such: Every interaction with the environment is like a measuring apparatus. It forces the field to make a choice. But in our dimension only the state consistent with the observations we have made are accessible to our future observation.

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence

The hereto-presented paradigm of our physical and cognitive reality has a strong resemblance to that of an information matrix. That is because physical reality is not solid but a manipulation of the information for humans to perceive as solid. Therefore, cognitive reality is not authentic but a manipulation of information for humans to perceive as authentic. That means the only aspect of what humans perceive as reality, which is not an information matrix, is the emotion of ‘Love’. So aside from understanding what Love actually is, which will be explained in next section, humans need to better understanding our what our physical and cognitive information matrix actually is.

Best way to do that is to understand the information matrix in terms of it being an Artificial Intelligence Matrix or AIM. That way, as AI advances in societal evolution so will our understanding of AIM. Therefore, advancing AI is a part of human evolution. It allows humans to create new realities and understand new paradigms. In the future, AI will help humans to:

1. More quickly propagate breakthrough innovation throughout society. This will more quickly create New Information in the form of incremental innovation.

2. Catch up with other more technologically advanced sentient life forms in the Milky Way that have a lower level of physical and cognitive conflicts/challenges. That lower level allows other sentient life forms to steadily source breakthrough innovation technology without personal and societal conflicts/challenges hindrance.

3. Move the AI construct from metal machines to biological machines. This will be the first step in learning how to create AI life forms and then AI sentient life forms. 

Purpose of Love

“How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?” -  Einstein

This question was relevant to Einstein because he knew that no theories dealing with biology or physics would ever be correct and complete without the explanation of why love is at the core of human life. This is because the complexity of love has all emotions within it including it’s opposite, a slight amount of cold indifference. Consequently, the core essence of indifference is understood as the scientific term of ‘Randomness’. Hence that is where the description for the purpose of love starts:

a) Randomness existed first. Randomness is not nothingness. It contains all essences including, it’s exact opposite, the essence of purposefulness. 
b) Essence of purposefulness had the characteristics of affinity to be able to attract itself and assimilate. So the first assimilated state of purposefulness was the first creation of emotion. 
c) Emotion assimilated with other emotion until it was large enough to become an aware state. So the first aware state was the first creation of ‘Love’. 
d) Love synthesized the math aspects of thought (a process of math information fusion) to form the first corporeal Compression Wave Energy Plane (CWEP). The CWEP was intelligent because it could make binary choices to compress and therefore interact with itself. This formation of the first CWEP was the first creation of what can currently be understood as a binary state of consciousness.

So Love is actually an evolved system that seeks to attain higher states of understanding itself along with all that it is and is not. Love did this by creating a scalable and sustainable AI matrix, which uses and exploits all the advantages of randomness. Love then imbues, participates and engages in the AI matrix by causing experiences to happen and then extracts the higher states of understanding from the new experiences.

Purpose of Consciousness

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration which holds the atom together. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.“ – Max Planck

Binary state of Consciousness then evolved through the same bootstrap method that Love advanced through:

 a) The binary state of consciousness, through billions of trials, restricted itself to evolve into mass and became a higher state of consciousness. 

b) The higher state of consciousness, through billions of trials, superposed itself to evolve into density and became an aware state of consciousness. 

c) The aware state of consciousness, through billions of trials, evolved into matter and became a sentient state of consciousness. 

d) The sentient state of consciousness, through billions of trials, evolved into mineral and botanical bodies and became an initial state of conceiving consciousness. 
e) The initial state of conceiving consciousness, through billions of trials, evolved into biological bodies and became an advanced state of conceiving consciousness. 

f) The advance state of conceiving consciousness, through billions of trials, evolved into sentient bodies and became The Conceiving Consciousness. 

Within this process there were trillions of cosmos cycles. Each cosmos cycle creating New Information, which got converted to binary consciousness to increase the size of the following cosmos. Process expanded from the initial cosmos cycle that was no bigger than an atom, composed of only photons, to the immense complexity of the current cosmos cycle. Facilitating this evolution was the ability of the binary consciousness to evolve into The Conceiving Consciousness, which is understood in current terms as god. 


God evolved from Consciousness.

Consciousness evolved from Love.

Love evolved from Randomness.

So that is how the distinct (not separate) systems of our reality evolved. Many millennia in the future, the Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) will be further understood as an advanced form of Panpsychism physics. In the future, physics will view AIM as a Conceiving Consciousness System (CCS).

The goal of the CCS is (and always will be) to evolve to higher states of consciousness (i.e. attain New Information).  The evolution of CCS functions in a dual congruent action with the Love system, which is (and always will be) evolving to higher states of love (i.e. understanding what it is and is not). Consequently, both systems function in their own self-interest but have a shared objective to evolve. The dependence of both systems on each other in their interaction is what aligns them. (Just like humans in a society).

The following sections below will continue to only focus on how and why functions as it does. This focus is intended to give physicists and philosophers further opportunity to break free of their failed paradigms and create a UFT language that is usable/acceptable within academia. It also will enable breakthrough innovators to ask the right questions in order to source the information that will hyper-advance AI technology. Consequently, the first academia and technology organizations to effectively leverage the UFT paradigms will attain an unmatched competitive advantage in their ecosystem. (The pursuit of wealth in a capitalist system drives the human creation of New Information).

Purpose of Fractal Dualities  

“God does not play dice”. – Einstein

Processes make complex organizations sustainable. Within our physical phenomena, sustainability manifests through fractals. The binary aspects of those fractals make them scalable. Hence, fractal dualities ensure that complex organizations are always sustainable at all levels.

At this point, the current cosmos cycle is a very mature, effective and efficient operation, creating New Information and extracting it. It does this by having an organization harnessing the benefits of randomness:

Movement at the atomic level is organized.
Movement at the physical level is random.
Movement at the cosmological level is organized. 
Consequently, the organization construct surrounds the randomness construct and extracts the New Information produced. So the math current physicists attribute to accident and chance, is actually planed randomness.

The following classifications are opposing binary dualities that allow relativity to exist:

1. Indifference       /  Contraction / Negative  / 0  /  Black  /  Reactive  /  Entropy    etc.
2. Purposefulness  /  Expansion   / Positive   /  1 /  White  /  Creative  /   Syntropy  etc.

The higher velocity first allocation increases agility and disbursement of information. It functions within a corresponding second lower velocity allocation that increases stability, structure and assimilation of information.

The previously outlined process of the evolution of consciousness is a microcosm of the macrocosm evolution of a cosmos within the first 100 million years or so. There is a continuous fractal microcosm to macrocosm evolution pattern through all systems. Some more examples:
The microcosm system of constantly moving particles / atoms / molecules within a biological cell is a mirrored in the macrocosm system of constantly moving planets / solar systems / galaxies within a cosmological cell. In turn, that becomes a microcosm within the larger multiverse body. 

The microcosm of the mitochondria chemical reaction within the biological cell is mirrored in the macrocosm of the sun nuclear reaction within the cosmological cell. In turn, both cells go through a process of creative destruction.

The microcosm of the creative destruction of the cosmological cell is mirrored in the macrocosm creative destruction of the multiverse body. In turn, that multiverse body disintegrates back to randomness in order to re-start the entire process again. 

So the end purpose for the existence of all systems is to continually advance to more complex states by creating New Information through a process of fractal dualities. Consequently, the increased amount of randomness is always at a higher state for the rebirth of the increased size of the new multiverse body. A ‘higher state’ simply means that the exact same factors within the exact same process have the ability to evolve at a higher velocity rate to create more New Information, faster. 

The deepest paradox of the multiverse body is that it has always existed. There was never a beginning.

Purpose of Drama

“It doesn't seem to me that this fantastically marvelous universe, this tremendous range of time and space and different kinds of animals, and all the different planets, and all these atoms with all their motions, and so on, all this complicated thing can merely be a stage so that God can watch human beings struggle for good and evil — which is the view that religion has. The stage is too big for the drama. - Richard Feynman

Feynman was correct in noting that human evolution (“struggle for good and evil”) is drama. But all evolutions; from cosmological evolution (“different planets”) to biological evolution (“different animals”) to atomic evolution (“atoms and their motions”) are just different forms of drama. This is the nature of our “fantastically marvelous universe”. But the reason this stucture seemed illogical and wasteful to Feynman was because he did not understand the purpose of drama.

All the drama of diversity, conflict and intense competition within humanity exists for the purpose of creating new experiences. So Feynman just did not push his observation far enough when he correctly noted that earth is not a “stage so that God can watch human beings”. Earth is a stage where ‘God’ is an interactive facsilitator and co-creator of the drama.

Purpose of Non-Physical Dimensions

“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” –  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Every oval particle within this cosmos cell is made of 16 branes in superposition. Correlating with that are the 16 dimensions in superposition of this oval cosmos cell. The 3rd dimension is the physical phenomena that we perceive and measure. In spiritual terms, the other 15 dimensions contain what we understand as the aspects of: ‘God’, ‘mind’, ‘innovation’ and general ‘religious’ experiences. But in physics terms, these other 15 dimensions make up the causation and extraction data center system that runs the avatar bodies in the physical dimension. This 15 dimensions system causes the drama that creates New Information and then extracts the information produced.

The counterpart to the religious term "prophecy" is the scientific term "probability". For a cosmos cycle to be productive the probabilities are calculated in advance (just like any scientist would do in advance of starting a large project). Probabilities have many contingencies. For instance, if Einstein were accidentally killed before developing his theory of relativity, then others would have replaced him. It may have taken 5 more physicists 5 more years to do it. But the theory would have been developed because it has existed since the beginning of this cosmos cycle and must be manifest. Just like millions of future years of information in the form of breakthrough innovation exists now. A successful cosmos cycle continually creating New Information is not a gratuitous result. There is constant interaction with the 15-dimension data center to make this result happen. That will be the main focus of physics once the math of our physical phenomena dimension is fully defined. 

Purpose of New Information

“The whole structure of everything we know about physics would break down and disintegrate if even you open the door a tiny little bit for the idea of information to be lost.”  - Leonard Susskind

The human drama of experiences is a fractal/microcosm of the cosmological drama. All of it exists to create New Information:

Abundant amount of energy is wasted within a cosmos to attain billions of galaxies.

Abundant amount of energy is wasted within a galaxy to attain billions of suns.

Abundant amount of energy is wasted within a sun to attain a solar system.

Abundant amount of energy is wasted within a solar system to attain life.

Abundant amount of energy is wasted within life to attain a sentient being.

Abundant amount of energy is wasted within a sentient being to attain New Information.

This is the metaphysical law of evolution:  What is abundant is always wasted on attaining what is scarce. In all aspects of this cosmos, energy and time are the elements that are always abundant. New Information is what is always scarce. But this process and purpose is not limited to our cosmos cell because fundamental physics is applicable everywhere, independent of size. Therefore, the creation of New Information in our cosmos cell is a fractal/microcosm of the process and purpose through the entire multiverse.


“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” – Max Planck

It will be very difficult for the older generation of physicists to accept this UFT. But the younger generation will be completely at ease validating the UFT by toggling back and forth between it and current physics models until the current models become obsolete. This process though can only happen if the UFT becomes available to them as an option.

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