What We Do

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing." - Edwards Deming

Everyone can originate new ideas. But the reason breakthrough innovators are game-changers is because they reach beyond new ideas with their natural skills to develop Idea Models. The development of models is not unique to breakthrough innovators; it is in fact now a mandatory process for scientists to develop mathematical, physical and conceptual models.

Developing models should also be mandatory for all innovators because only models have the capability to project future disruptive concepts that cannot yet be experienced directly. Models are the conduits through which Steve Jobs could, in his words; "project the future". In essence, models have the dynamism to explain what is presently impossible while simultaneously providing a map to build that impossible.

To be able to develop Ideal Models, OIsource has created a proprietary training method we call the ITP (Innovative Thinking Process). This is a step-by-step process that originates, interconnects and validates new ideas. We teach these skills to corporate teams and empower them to discover their own potential of being high-level innovative thinkers. Furthermore, the learned skills yield a path to find out if someone on the team is one of those rare individuals that ultimately has the ability to master these skills and become a breakthrough innovator.

Learning the ITP will be achieved through corporate teams working individually on rigorous mental and writing exercises. As Nicola Tesla pointed out: “Originality thrives in seclusion, free of outside influences...”. Here is an article further documenting why thinking in isolation is the most productive form of thinking: https://​www.​inc.com/​melissa-schilling​/the-​science-of-why​-brainstorming-in-groups-​doesnt-work.html?​cid=hmside4.

Teams will not interact with each other or use any electronic equipment during the ITP exercise. The only physical items used will be a notepad and a pen.